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Cool Drinks And Food On The Road: Powerful Compressor Revolutionises Cooling In RV Kitchens

The refrigeration sector for recreational vehicles is
undergoing a technological shift. Compressor refrigerators,
which are steadily growing in demand, are set to replace
3-way refrigerators over time as newer technologies increase
reliability and cooling capacity and surpass absorption
technology. The BD-Nano
compressor from Secop
is now setting new standards for the

The Advantages of Compressor
Technology for Recreational Vehicle Cooling

A refrigerator equipped with the BD-Nano
guarantees excellent performance with low
consumption even at high ambient temperatures. Compressor
technology also offers a much faster cooling process (less
than two hours) compared to absorption

With a compressor, the cooling capacity is
higher, keeping the temperature in the refrigerator at
stable, low levels. Thanks to additional batteries and/or
photovoltaic panels, the cooling system with a compressor
can also work off-grid, making it ideal for Outback

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Similarly, the absorption technology
commonly used until now has several disadvantages when it
comes to cooling. For example, the efficiency drops
drastically at high external ambient temperatures.
Considering how easily 30°C is reached in summer, cooling
capacity is significantly impaired, and the cooling process
is extended to up to eight hours. In addition, the
absorption reacts very sensitively to the inclination of the
vehicle, which must be precisely levelled (maximum 2.5

The Compact, Powerful, and Quiet

The BD Nano offers – in a compact
size – premium cooling performance, high efficiency, and low
noise and vibration. At a height of 93 millimetres and
weight of 1.5 kilograms, its small size offers great
efficiency of up to 1.56 W/W (under ASHRAE LBP conditions).
This means low energy consumption, a longer battery life,
and reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

dimensions also give manufacturers an advantage when
developing modern design solutions where space is a key
factor. Given the defined cold space of an RV, coupled with
the condensing unit’s compact sizing, the new solution
maximises the capacity of the refrigerator and provides more
space for food and beverages than an entire absorption
cooling system.

BD Nano for RVs. (Image

With a cooling
capacity of 68 W (under Ashrae LBP conditions), it is the
most powerful compressor relative to its size. It can handle
up to 150 litres of refrigerator capacity, while larger
refrigerators can be covered using two BD-Nano

In addition, the Secop BD
12/24V compressor is quieter (-6 dB/A) compared to
the BD Micro previously introduced on the market by Secop
and the current market benchmark in the automotive

Another strength of the BD Nano is
reliability, since it features ISO16750 compliance for
reduced knocking noise, vibration, and improved transport
stability. This makes it suitable for use in cars, e-cars,
trucks, buses, and boats in addition to recreational

The BD
is controlled by a new-generation Electronic
Controller Unit (ECU), offering users a wide range of
electronic interface functions. The ECU can be configured
with industry-standard LIN hardware via an easy-to-implement
Modbus interface. The control unit is designed as a
universal, easy-to-use, and feature-rich compressor
controller, with increased functionality provided via
Secop’s free Tool4Cool software, an application that
allows for even more customised programming.

electromagnetic sensitive applications in mind, the Nano’s
controller also features low interference (EMI CISPR25 Level
5) designed for controlled emissions and immunity against
external sources.

The BD Nano is manufactured at the
Secop plant in Tianjin, China using a highly automated
assembly process and sophisticated end-of-line testing to
ensure consistent performance. The plant in
Tianjin has been IATF16949-certified since December 2023 and
meets the strict standards of the automotive

This video demonstrates how the BD Nano
compressor works, as well as its other uses including in the
medical sector:

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