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Minister Concedes Contractors Will Be Hired To Do Work Of Axed Ministry Of Education Staff

The PSA can’t believe that the Minister of Education is
happy for her ministry to hire contractors at the same time
it is dismissing 565 workers.

Education Minister Erica
Stanford told RNZ’s Morning
Report today
that she expected the Ministry to hire
contractors to work on the review of the curriculum despite
the Ministry currently employing people to do this

“The Government promised a crackdown
on consultant and contractor spending, today’s revelation
is hypocritical and may end up costing more in the long run.
It does not this make sense,” said Fleur Fitzsimons,
Assistant Secretary for the Public Service Association Te
Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi.

“For a
government obsessed with cutting spending across the public
service, it’s appalling that she thinks hiring contractors
makes sense when people who can do that work are being
dismissed. They are decimating the Ministry at a time losing
important capability in critical areas like the review of
the curriculum.”

The Ministry yesterday announced a
net reduction of 565 roles including 197 positions at the
Curriculum Centre which is responsible for managing ongoing
changes to the curriculum including NCEA.

On Morning
Report the Minister conceded experts would be brought in for
the work on the curriculum. When asked if they were
contractors she said;

‘They are short term sprint
group people who we bring in just for a short period of time
to write the curriculum. So they are contractors? They

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“This government has launched an unprecedented
attack on the public service and its workers,” said Fleur
Fitzsimons. “Given the breadth and depth of these brutal
cuts it’s clear that very soon ministries will be forced
to bring back contractors just as happened under the last
National-led government. The Government should be upfront
about how many contractors it will need to do the work of
dismissed public servants in all agencies.

Minister’s comments today expose the short-term
decision-making behind this war on the public

“We know they haven’t thought it through.
Treasury has confirmed in an Official Information Act
request as reported in Stuff
that it has done no economic analysis of the
impact of these cuts.

“This, from a government that
promised evidence-based decision-making. These are just
reckless and desperate tactics to fund tax cuts for
landlords and others.

“New Zealanders will pay the
price when services they depend on will no longer support
them as they once did,” said Fleur

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