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Gaza Petition To Be Tabled In Parliament Today

The Government must condemn Israel’s actions in
Gaza if we are to have a chance at peace.

petition signed by more than 16,500 people, demanding the
government take stronger action to halt the genocide of
Palestinians by the State of Israel, is being presented to
the House of Representatives today by Hon Phil

In less than seven months, more than 34,000
Palestinians have been killed in Gaza including 14,000
children. “This is many, many thousands more murdered
since January when the International Court of Justice
refused to throw out the case of genocide against Israel”,
says Palestinian New Zealander and petitioner, Katrina

Mitchell-Kouttab welcomes some of
the incremental statements made by the government since the
petition was developed. These include the call for a
ceasefire, acknowledgement that it is Palestinians who bear
the brunt of Israel’s military action, that Israel cannot
achieve peace while continuing to take Palestinian land and
calling out the extremist violence of Israeli settlers in
the occupied West Bank. However, the lack of coherency and
explicit condemnation is undermining the impact needed to
save Palestinians lives.

“Our government must
demonstrate that it remains committed to upholding the
rules-based international order. This necessitates
unequivocal condemnation of Israel’s ongoing brutality and
disregard for international law. We must not be complicit in
this genocide”, says

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“Condemnation of Hamas without an
equivalent and unambiguous condemnation of Israel, is
emboldening the state to continue its horror campaign of war
crimes against Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West
Bank. Without strong repercussions such as sanctions, Israel
knows that words will not change their well-stated path
towards completely erasing Gaza and its

“We have already seen Israel’s complete
disregard for the global rules based order. But whereas the
New Zealand Government was quick to condemn Iran, it has
ignored Israeli war crimes. We expect strong support for
forthcoming international arrest warrants against senior
members of the Israeli Government.”

also echoes the call of NGOs, charities, and academics for
urgent humanitarian visas for those 300-400 Palestinians
facing imminent death in Gaza who have family in New
Zealand. The immigration Minister Erica Stanford, continues
to stand against providing humanitarian assistance to
Palestinians despite her urgent demands for a Ukrainian
immigration policy. The previous government opened a special
visa category to around 4000 Ukrainians, also providing them
with work and education rights.

The petition:
in Gaza: Call for New Zealand to live up to its
international legal obligations |

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